Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Here are some results from this project.

Feature implemented:
  • Bump mapped terrain
  • Rim lighting to simulate atmosphere
  • Nighttime lights on the dark side of the globe
  • Specular mapping
  • Moving clouds
  • water animation
  • Space Screen Ambient Occlusion
  • Vertex Morphing(Morphing between a sphere and the cow)(Press M/m button, N/n for pass shader)
  • Vertex Pulsing(Press P/p button, N/n for pass shader)

Something is not normal about the vertex pulsing, although I move vertices along normals. I believe the reason is that a single vertex have many normals in the buffer, so when I move vertices, it have many directions. As a result, the cow becomes explosive.

12 * 12 Gird

4 * 4 Grid

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